Genius Loci

by DeatHat

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released October 10, 2016

K. Stewart - Marimba, percussion, Fruitvale station, vocals
Erik Ostrom - Bass, percussion, lap steel, Bde Maka Ska, vocals
Jason Samaha - Drums

Track 1 written by Erik Ostrom, track 2 written by Myles Magnus, tracks 3 - 9 & 11 written by K. Stewart, track 10 written by John Cage

Recorded by Tom Gewecke
Mixed by Erik Ostrom
Mastered by Myles Boisen, Super Genius and secret Mayor of Oakland



all rights reserved


DeatHat San Jose, California

DeatHat was an experimental torch-noir duo active in the South Bay indie scene from 2005 - 2010.

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Track Name: All The Words
This is the way that it always begins;
An intake of air to the lungs
Then a melody lifted from things in the wind
And the words we've all heard sung

Your voice it can lift me right out of my shoes
Or sink me away in the stone
You drench me in violets and oranges and blues
I hear every undertone

Sing me awake
Sing me away

You say you're leaving, and I sing along
The ending's my favorite part
There's comfort in every familiar song
I know all the words by heart
Track Name: Little Girl
Silent like the floor
Forgotten like the passing wind
Just like an unseen rock
Tripping people along the way
Upset by my presence
Upset like a robot
When the program's not coming smooth

Silent like a picture
Just like an object of inspiration
Just like someone tossing your book
When you're writing in it

Claim my pride and forget who I am
Live off of sweetness and dazzle myself with beached wind
Sometimes it's so hard to walk among robots
Sometimes it's so hard to even say a word

Sit far, very far apart
Just like the tall standing trees
And watch this robotic depression move on my
Trying to understand what it's like to be human
Track Name: Sailor, Sailor (4,000 Fathoms and Falling)
Sailor, sailor, wither wander with your eyes of brown?
I've wandered on my Lady's chambers; I've been upstairs and down.

Sailor, Sailor, wither wander with your eyes of grey?
I've seen this world from shore to shore and no shore can me stay.

Sailor, sailor, wither wander with your eyes of blue?
I go to see the secret things my Lady saves from view.

Sailor, sailor, wither wander, with your eyes of green?
I walk the wild and waving ways no land-man's ever seen.

Sailor, sailor, wither wander with your eyes of black?
The where I go's the wither whence I never can come back.
Track Name: True (For All the Wrong Reasons)
The long, tall twilight, as soft as steel
Taught me to dance; can I take a step with you?
This city cuts you too sharp to feel
Every thing you've heard is true
For all the wrong reasons.

They're down in the counting house counting old truths
To kill the hunger of five dry days
The flood is free, it's the drought you'll pay
All our dreams are coming true
For all the wrong reasons

Oh, lies, my lover, no other can compare
I got these bruises by accident, I swear
I live in doorways and steps
And our final words are true
For all the wrong reasons
Track Name: Lay It Down
All my life, i’ve had trouble
And i’ve caused it all myself
What you get, you have to pay for
You can’t hand it off to somebody else

But you can lay it down, lay it down
Sword and shield, you got to lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down
All you got, you got to lay it down

We’re rolling like a boulder
Not a thing can make us stay
We pick up what we pass over
And we carry it away

But we can lay it down, lay it down
Hurts and houses, you can lay them down
Lay it down, lay it down
All you got, you got to lay it down

You know how much you carry
You know how much it weighs
How much of it is penitence
How much of it is praise?

Lay it down, lay it down
Friends and fears you got to lay them down
Lay it down, lay it down
All you got, you got to lay it down

All your worries, all your tears,
All your pleasures, planets, worlds,
weights and measures, cups and saucers,
Labors, lovers, lightness, you can

Lay it down, lay it down
All you carry, you can lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down
All you got, you got to lay it down.
Track Name: Fever 4 U
My fever 4 U has run its course
My hunger 4 U is sated
Your hole in my heart has healed over

Ur apple is eaten
Ur cream has soured
Ur glass is empty
Ur cat is barking

Ur light in my life has gone out
Track Name: Mitzy's
The last day you spent in New Orleans
You'd walked home the old way from work
The reasons you gave when you said you would live here
Were faded and shabby and worn
Now they're gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone and you don't even notice
But these are the things that i keep to remind me

We bust through the wall back at Mitzy's
She said she'd put it on our tab
The cops drove us back to your fancy hotel room
I woke to the sound of your cab
You were gone, gone gone
Gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone before I could tell you
That these are the things that i keep

I spent all the money you left me
The Gremlin's still in the back yard
As hard as we try, we just don't always make it
And sometimes we don't try that hard

Remember that drunk girl at Mitzy's?
Remember the night when it rained?
I wrote it all down when i knew you weren't coming
A record for those who remain
Now you're gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone and you don't even miss you
But these are the things that i keep to remind me
Track Name: Hope
You're cold and worn to thread and bone
it won't be long now.
You've waited hours in the dark alone
it won't be long now.
You've wagered more than you'll ever earn
it won't be long now
heard devils sing, seen angels burn

You've tried your key in every door
The wolves are stretched across your floor
your poison dish is rusted thin
The wax you shed cements you in

When all the stars threw down their spears
And watered heaven with their tears
The grapes they grew were strange and strong and bright
And all that's ever grown in me
The clinging vine esperity
But it won't be long until that crop comes ripe

Your wishes have all bled to grey
You've given all you are away
You can't leave and you can't stay
You can't think of a thing to say
Track Name: Kelsey (Down to the Darkest Sidewalks)
Oh, Kelsey, all the things that i told you about me are legends and wives' tales
We followed them down through a tracery town and they eddied and swam down the darkest of sidewalks

Oh, Kelsey, I'm afraid that when all of my scratching is done, I'll be fallow
The glimmering fruit needs soil less destitute and can only find root in the darkest of sidewalks

Watch as the lantern light drifts through the neighborhood
Running aground on the town's sides and edges
All night they poured through the streets like molasses
Refreshing past passion with kindness and newness
We sat on the curbside and watched them roll past us
Bright globes in their droves going home start to finish

Oh, Kelsey, this frail hour is wrinkled and red-faced and mewling for milking
They grow up so fast; nothing ever can last, and they wait for us massed at the darkest of sidewalks

They made this town a river when they flowed slow through it with a river's shining blindness and their hands lands long, forgetting every wrinkle that they ran their fingers over, they took away no stories and that theft left scars

Oh, Kelsey, brick by brick I am building a house I am proud to grow old in
The structure is stout and the doorway's devout and the front door leads out to the darkest of sidewalks
Track Name: (How to Make Yourself A) House
Gather all of the things you will need
Hammer, nails, lumber, carpet, glass, seed.
Grow your roots down deep

Push the walls out as far as they'll go
Sink a stable storm cellar below.
Tar your roof watertight

Out and in - everything
Needs a place; make a place for each thing
In and out, with, without
What we thought we would have, we still build

Fill your pantry with cans 'gainst the cold
All the blankets your closets will hold
Run a pipe to the spring

Doors all open and let them come in
Feel them brush through your halls, skin to skin
And the building begins

Out and in, blood, breath, skin
Where we go when we don't know the way
In and out, rust, distance, doubt
And lose or find or forget, it's all kin
It's not locked, come in